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 About your osteopath

I, Corina Breukel, qualified in 1986 from one of the main osteopathic colleges, BCNO (the British College of Osteopathy and Naturopathy), which is known as BCOM today. I am registered with the General Council and register of Osteopaths (GCRO),  reg. no. 1292.


I enjoy treating people from all walks of life and all ages, and I pride myself on getting my patients better as soon as is possible. I would call myself a general osteopath, as I don't specialise in any one mode of treatment in particular, and I like seeing people as a whole, rather than just a set of symptoms. I am very interested in mechanical foot problems at the moment, as I have found very few practioners to have a hands-on approach to feet and my patients seem to respond particularly well to my foot treatments.


In my spare time I enjoy going to see live music and producing works of art, examples of which can be seen above


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